We are a passionate team of engineers and innovators who believe in a deeply interconnected world powered by the Internet of Things to improve the quality of life across the globe. We engage in all aspects of IoT products and solutions, and partner with our clients to co-innovate from concept to product launch.


Our Engineering and Development team has the knowledge and expertise in every aspect of the IoT ecosystem to design and develop your custom solution to exceed your expectations

Expertice Brain


SYNERGEN Technology Labs has developed various IoT products in many industry segments and will leverage our expertise to create your IoT solution that is unique to your market.

University partnership

SYNERGEN Technology Labs has partnered with the University of Moratuwa (UoM) to leverage its faculty, students and their research facilities to expand the capabilities of the company.  In addition, this partnership provides the opportunity for UoM students to intern at SYNERGEN Technology Labs to get exposure to some of the latest trends and technologies in the IoT space. It also provides SYNERGEN Technology Labs a strong recruiting engine to hire the best and the brightest from one of the top universities in the world.

Google Summer of Code Ranked Top University Worldwide
International Robot Competition Winner 2011-2014
IEEEXtreme Global Competition Winner among 721 Teams from 40 Countries 2009